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Designed to help you push past obstacles & tackle your goals the "Key of Life" necklace has yellow hues bouncing off a deep rust tone. Handcrafted with Mookaite to connect with powers for increasing self-confidence, self-worth, leading to realize one’s full potential. The ankh symbolizes physical life on Earth, eternal life, immortality, and even reincarnation. Often, the ancient Egyptians would carry ankh ornaments for protection & were given to the pharaohs to wish them a long and prosperous life on the throne. Mookaite relays the knowledge that change is possible & that by raising the vibration of one’s thoughts + action, you can reduce physical aging by staying young in spirit.

Ankh Key of Life Necklace

  • Returns are not accepted, exchanges are welcome within 3 days of purchase reciept.  
    Additional info can be found on the sites contact page.
    ✦ General repairs range from $25 & up.

  • Mookaite gemstone beading, stainless steel accents & closure clasp.
    Bracelet or Necklace style options are available through the custom order request form found on the MORE tab.
    All purchases come with a box or dust bag to keep your valuables in their best condition & a care card for how to tend to your stones.

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