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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

In the midst of all the chaos, the saying "stay safe" has swirled from state to state. The current pandemic stemming from the covid-19 strain has catapulted us into confinement making it hard for many of us to bear. Whether you're reading this and feeling healthy (but stressed from society) or you've been personally affected by this in some way you can find some relief in resources that are natural, herbal, or medicinal. Based off some of the provided symptoms, I've compiled a list of gemstones to use during this time & beyond.

Natural gemstones that aid respiratory issues:

Amethyst , Chrysocholla, & Tigers Eye are all capable of alleviating issues related to your breathing. One combination able to provide relief for asthma sufferers is Black Obsidian, Pyrite, & Tiger Eye. Preventing attacks and relieving symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, coughing, and wheezing. Chrysocolla re-energizes your energy systems & is related to the throat chakra, the use of this stone relaxes the body allowing for relaxation of the chest muscles and lungs. It also has a cooling action that helps heal throat infections when worn around the neck.

Another symptom, several Corona virus victims have mentioned suffering from is diarrhea (which makes the whole tissue thing make sense). While there are many options to ease gas pains or slow up issues like the aforementioned available in your local drugstore, you can also relieve pain with natural crystals. I personally have alleviated abdominal pains with the use of Clear Quartz. Quartz is used to cleanse & restore the organs among many other things.

Natural gemstones that aid gastrointestinal issues:

Aside from Clear Quartz, Amethyst is worth another mention due to its ability to detox, which is vital if you've been infected from a virus or if you simply want to refresh your immune system during this sit down. Malachite & Peridot, are equally powerful for warding off the flu, indigestion and gastric trouble. Curing stomach infections are a prominent effect of the masculine energy held within stones like Malachite.

Measures such as closures & the cancellation of future dated state testing for students have taken affect in the state. With the children, potentially worrying about loved ones who are essential workers in the home or classmates it can benefit to utilize gemstones, such as Prehnite to calm nerves or alleviate night terrors. Techniques like sound healing can aid by helping to balance the chakras. Balance is needed under any circumstance so naturally any additional help in centering ourselves during this time is worth mentioning. The use of sound healing with singing bowls, etc. can also amplify the use of your crystals.

Natural gemstones for maternal aid:

Kunzite, which is known as a mothers stone & is ideal for those who identify as a woman due to its ability to bring peace to the wearer & ease the mind of doubt. For those experiencing severe nausea and vomiting, Peridot is excellent.Prehnite enhances precognition and inner knowing. It is a stone that enables you always to be prepared, making it a great stone to protect your children with.

Here are some NYC resources you can utilize for testing, care, etc.

For information on essential businesses + up-to-date rules and restrictions in the New York State, check out their coronavirus information site. You can also find out about mortgage deferments, utility payment suspension, or file complaints in regard to price gouging.

The World Health Organization also has up to date information in regards to travel & ways you can donate to the cause.

AMNY has you covered with information.

Hep Free has tons of links, listed for you to utilize while navigating this pandemic.

With an onslaught of media marketing around this time telling you to get a hobby or learn a skill, keep in mind this time should really be used for whatever you need as an individual in this moment. If for you, that means finally recharging yourself then, do so. If you've been procrastinating on getting into new worlds, explore them. Just keep your intentions pure & your hands clean. Keep in mind all of the stone included in the post also bring a sense of peace, balance, & a clearer mental state irregardless if you aren't suffering from any symptoms.

If you'd like a custom gemstone aid for you to use to wrap around different points of the body (such as the crown, abdominal area, wrist, etc.) feel free to send us an inquiry so we can accommodate your needs. Positive intentions will always be a prominent part of why we design, so take 30% off your custom order with the code: STAYSAFE & make sure you do just that !


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