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Self Love is the Best Love

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Last time we touched base was around Valentines Day when hopes are high or expectations are low. Now that the time of forced societal awakening is beyond us we can focus on the love that matters most, love of SELF. If you're normally on the more selfish side of things you may know about the benefits of self love more than the rest of us, but we all can take a lesson from your book today in regards to putting OUR best good FIRST.

Lacking in this department can cause nausea, heartburn (literally), upset stomach, & an onslaught of bs that pink stuff could never save you from. So why is it we tend to weather so easily when it comes to staying persistent on putting ourselves in a position to stay at peace ?That's all it is really.


Loving yourself enough to say NO when it doesn't serve your morals, having morals at all, saying YES when you've neglected yourself or those you love, denying that position that will drive you crazy & not guarantee result, accepting you've let yourself go in an attempt to run away from yourself ... With gemstones we harness the ability to keep a constant shield of the energy we need closest to us. With life swaying in any direction we owe it to ourselves to keep protection only the laws of attraction will be able to face head on. Below are 5 great gemstones we're featuring this month that help with that !


Next up, (not pictured) is a staple for us at 1Of1, which is Hematite. Used primarily for balance & protection this grounding stone. This power packed gem can assist with everything from blocking you internalizing others' energy (ahem, ahem empaths this is for you) to holding your ground.

Last but surely NEVER least is Blue Kyanite. It helps you keep your clear of worry or self-doubt or second guessing, & it aids you in reading between the lines so you stay aware of what’s really being let on to you.


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