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Take only memories, leave only footsteps..

My family has made it tradition to check out the pow-wows in NY whenever we can; so we headed out to Shinnecock reservation on Labor Day weekend to experience they're 72nd annual.

When it comes to "taking a memory", the goal for each of us is always different. I normally hone in on capturing as much beauty on film as possible, while sinking my teeth into a Bison Burger as soon as a line allows. My daughter beelines towards the stage to catch the dance ceremonies & my parents navigate their way around to bond & support their fellow artisans work.

Variables aside, we DO all end up leaving with a piece of an experience that we can remember & admire after. Leaving a footprint was where the change would come in for myself & my little girl alike. Utilizing natural gemstones to keep myself grounded & provide clarity has opened me up to endless possibilities socially. Where I would normally recluse & take in the scene.. this year I took a page out of the elders handbook & got to know those around me. Without the burden of feeling like I had to guard myself because of the peace & intention behind me holding my gems close. Adorned with a carnelian, hematite, & howlite choker to show respect for tradition in a warm earthy red tone. That small change in attitude & gemstones opened me up to opportunities I would not have had otherwise.

One of the vendors booth at the Shinnecock 72nd Annual Pow-Wow.

As far as my daughters footprint, she left this years pow-wow intent on joining the dance ceremony next year. As a star child who loves to entertain she sometimes deals with insecurities in regards to how she'll be perceived. Her own love for gemstones & the knowledge she's already gained about the powers they hold are admirable at the least. With Prehnite in her midst, (knowing it alleviates fear) she became engulfed in the idea of making her own mark in the years to come.

1 of our designers supporting a vendor while sporting our Howlt, Ougard, & Jaded necklace stacked together.

With social media gearing us to believe if it's not advertised it didn't happen; it's become difficult for many to live in the moment. I challenge you to leave an impression over trying to gain the best Instagram shot.

Scroll through to see some of the magic I caught below . .

What are some ways you leave an imprint EVEN when you're busy soaking in a new or fun experience?


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