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Love Stones

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

It's that time of year .. coming off a new year binge & creating higher expectations for yourself can really take a toll on your confidence. For some of us beating ourselves up because we didn't work out daily as planned, still get caught up cursing in the group chat, or made it 6 minutes late to work yesterday can cause a real ding to how resilient we are in developing better behavior. As if that's not enough, here comes February .. society's love driven month prompting you to feel that its better to wanted than alone or working on a goal this time of year.

Understandably its .. exhausting. Then there are those of us that are doing our due diligence year round to better ourselves or not give a damn either way, who are focused on getting closer to someone special. Regardless of the stage you're in currently there's a gemstone to help bring in what we all need most at this time. LOVE. Cliché we know, but what better way to brighten someone else's day or your own than keeping yourself protected & amplified for greatness ?

amethyst rhode
Amethsyt helps rid you of negative energy & attachments.

Been in a slump & need a pick me up in self love or creating loving vibes around you ?

Surround yourself with Rose Quartz.

Fell into an odd space with your loved one and need to create more clarity in the equation?


will provide that and the push you need to heal emotionally.

Know a woman suffering from loss or the need to be uplifted after an ordeal ?

Gift her with Kunzite,

which is an ideal stone for women due to its ability to enhance self love, aiding in making transitions in life easier, & calming the soul.

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