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Updated: Aug 22, 2018

The root behind 1 Of 1's creation came from a need to uplift ourselves. As #women in a savage like city we face so much on a daily basis, it's hard to stay focused. That's where creating #jewels with stones that date back as far as time was such an enlightening experience. In light of doing that uplifting we had to get real with ourselves. Uncomfortable.. teacher making you tell the class an autobiography on yourself on the first day real. Accepting our reality & working towards becoming better humans meant realizing nothing has to be done alone. Whether it's confiding in an old friend, a therapist, or using a method you can hold close at all times we all deserve something. With the use of natural #gemstones you're not only protecting your "space" within the world; you're cosmically pushing your personal agenda & fulfillment into the universe. That’s why the we strive to ensure that aside from educating you on how to use your stones, we offer various ways to build-in becoming comfortable with having them around. 

Many great people suffer from mental health, familial & work related issues, as well as giants they're too ashamed to let anyone know they're fighting. Facing these things head on, with our minds right is vital to any #growth one can hope to do in this lifetime.  The intent here is simple, teach one another. . in a way that feels comforting, open, but most of all determined. 

1 Of 1-NYC People Empowerment Holiday Event

1O1 will host a peoples #empowerment event on December 15, 2018 for others to network, & get sound advice from community pillars on steps they've used to help them accept where they are & reaching for more. We are open to collaborating & potential vendors| sponsors| or volunteers can contact us via email, at . There will be treats, guest speakers, & giveaways at the event. Venue and hours of duration will provided the 1st week of November. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram for more time sensitive updates.

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