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Dear Mama... You Are Appreciated.

Whether you have an amazing bond with your mother (or a not so great one) you're sure to have some maternal figure that has shown you a side of the nurturing energy we associate with moms. Most mothers express that it's the greatest position you can take on. Despite it being underpaid & taking potential tolls on your mental & physical health. Nonetheless, women take the responsibility on in the best way they know how. That can mean coddling a child to the point of disdain or losing a bond due to being unable to pull her own emotions & surrounding responsibilities together.

To truly empathize with the experience, you'd have to LIVE it .. and since we can't always understand what we haven't endured the best we can do is to SUPPORT. If the mother in your life is redefining her life & needs, there's a gemstone for that. If she's become jaded in her POV & you're wanting to bring positivity into her world, there's a natural gemstone for that. If your relationship with your mother is estranged, and its hard to fathom the thought of reconciling at times ... there's a natural way to approach that as well. Mohsin Hamid once said “Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself.” The gift majority of us desire most & are the most afraid to admit is the present of another presence or support.

Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” Yoko Ono

There are 3 essential ways healing crystals transform your energy and bring balance in your life including clearing & energizing. For an in depth look at how to use your gemstones, check our other blog posts. Since crystals and stones absorb, repel + transmit energy, wearing healing crystals help balance your energy field throughout the day. Think of the crystals you wear like taking a vitamin. Putting on your natural gemstone jewelry is like taking a nutritional daily vitamin on an energetic level. Below are a list of our TOP 10 natural gemstones for women to usher in healing, peace, or more abundance in their lives.


used for grounding + protection. It dissolves negativity while bringing in peace & harmony. It's also believed to support shy individuals by boosting confidence & self-esteem. By stimulating your concentration it helps you figure out problems of all sorts; removing self-limitations that have caused a delay in your life.


Most adored for stabilizing & calming emotional triggers. Allows you to reflect & be mindful of the cycles of change. Excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth & breastfeeding with a connection to the feminine.

Red Jasper

A “supreme nurturer” that sustains & supports you during times of stress. The energy given off from this natural gemstone calms your emotions, welcoming insight into difficult situations. It supports you during conflicts by giving you the courage to deal with problems assertively. In this era of me too, most of us can benefit from standing up for ourselves in the face of adversity.


This stone is an excellent protector against radiation and helps merge + balance feminine and masculine energies within you. Helping you to harness both, while aiding the heart and throat chakras.


Place a piece of citrine on top of a list of your dream manifestations to manifest them faster.

A lack of intuition is not something typically associated with women, let alone mothers but we all can use a boost in instinct. Labradorite raises your consciousness & is all about intuition and self-discovery. While Amethyst is a popular stone for stability and inner peace, it also improves your intuition. It can help you sleep better, soothe headaches and alleviate the pain of menstrual cramps.


brings good fortune and allows you to surrender and receive your desires from the Universe. It is highly associated with youth & beauty leaving the wearer more vibrant in energy as well as the physical aspect.

Often used to boost memory, Selenite is known to help you access your inner goddess and communicate more clearly with your highest self. It stabilizes erratic emotions, clearing away confusion, feelings of inadequacy, & other forms of negativity. Selenite ushers in clarity to grasp what is superficial and what is going on at a deeper level. For those in need of a "pep in their step" , it helps aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility. 

Looking to create a more positive attitude and mindset ? The vibration of Black Tourmaline helps you to let go of negativity and self doubt, as well as anxiety. This stone does not absorb negativity, but alters it (or transmutes it) into positive energy. An additional benefit is its ability to strengthen the immune system and assists pain relief of muscular issues.

Honorable Mention*

Rose Quartz  this love magnet, attracts unconditional love & infinite peace. Calming excellent for use in crisis situations. Restores trust & harmony in relationships. Gently draws off negative energy & replaces it with loving vibrations. Helps you accept necessary change.

Once in possession of any natural gemstones, be sure to clear the crystal to be sure it isn't holding any stagnant energy & program it to your highest intent. One of the easiest ways to do this is to, speak positive affirmations aloud while holding the crystals.

Aloud or in your head, say: “I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy or any previous programming. I command this crystal to hold the intention of . . .” Finish with three intentions for your crystal—energies that you wish it to hold for you. End by expressing gratitude, saying “thank you” three times is aiding to the belief that what you will receive what you've intended to obtain. Emphasizing that what you’re asking for already exists in the universe.

For ready made gifts, crafted with the gemstones listed check out Gifts for Her for hand selected options that for a limited time will be 25% off in support of mothers in all forms. For those of you seeking something more unique to your desires, send us a request