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As a child my hobbies included: jewelry making, studying gemstones & trying to "transform" myself. Those interests have fueled an abundant well of knowledge on crystal healing & has helped transform the way I interact with myself & others. While using the energy for my personal development, a light bulb moment occurred. In 2019, I decided to shift my jewelry making hobby into a conscious accessory brand. Mine·Full creates for the innovators,  healers, the wounded, the dreamers, and those who wish to embody a sense of peace in a world that can feel chaotic.



A love for gaining & sharing enlightenment while on the journey through life is the foundation of how Mine·Full came to be. As a native New Yorker I've encountered my fair share of the unexpected & how to stay prepared for it through mindfulness. This led me to create Mine·Full as a way to pair high quality gemstones with designs for the fashion forward. 


We provide handcrafted pieces made with natural gemstones & high-quality metals (including sterling silver, gold vermeil, and 14k solid gold). Behind, Mine·Full is a dedication to blending healing influenced by my Indigenous roots with modern tools to fuel you. We take pride in assisting you on your journey whether it's for enlightenment or simply to stand out from the rest. 

Mine·Full  offers  jewelry repair & reconstruction for those seeking to enhance the jewels they already possess.

For the best natural gemstones to lead your best life or get closer to your desires; check out our blog or our page on symbolism in jewelry !

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