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Do you believe in serendipity? It was a concept I only loosely acknowledged prior to my research & life circumstances beginning to overlap. Behind Mine Full, was a need to share with others how mother nature led me to her while I learned to understand my own journey.

My family tree is flowered with roots from Indigenous people from American soil & beyond. This alone has allowed me to have many first + second-hand accounts of how my ancestors have used nature to guide & heal them during tumultuous times of the past. So needless to say, there was nothing unusual about my interest in parts of my culture.

What was unusual was how my peak in curiosity about crystals & their benefits 
came at a time when I would need to put my research to the test the most. At a time when I believed I had the LEAST amount of resources to help replenish the parts of me yearning for fuel to tackle the illusions of my reality. By allowing myself to sit still to better understand myself & the patterns I notice, I gained a world of knowledge on how to replenish through nuture 

Not including the ability to be protected from low vibrational bs
, too. Which is needed in this world whether we're comfortable thinking about that or not.

Within everyone is an abundant source of potential, emotion, you name it that we can finesse through stillness. 
When facing obstacles the common thing we search for is peace. In nature, abundance is all around us, hoping we're willing to tap in to what it can  teach us. 

Our mission is ultimately for you to have access & understanding to tools within you and in nature to help you cultivate your own peace + happiness.


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